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With the popularity of the Internet and with advancements in technology, an increasing number of people are turning to the Internet for various purposes. The Internet is no longer limited to searching for information or connecting with people but is now also a platform where you can also buy and sell products.

An Ecommerce website is a website that enables your business to sell services and products to their online customer base. These days, a growing number of consumers prefer making most of their purchases online, and in such a case, having an Ecommerce website development for your business is the ultimate need of the hour. Having an Ecommerce website gives you a sure-shot competitive edge over your competitors, who may still not have gone online. Customers these days are looking for the most effortless and cheapest way to make their purchasing and consequently search online for their desired products and services. In such a scenario, the presence of an online store not only helps you to retain existing customers but also attract new ones. A robust Ecommerce website serves as the base of your online retail business, and Squareboat understands the significance of using the latest technology to maximize profitability.

Ecommerce website portal can offer an improved online shopping experience for customers and thus give new heights to your business/company if it is developed professionally. You must approach the right web development company like Squareboat as ecommerce website development, and design requires high-class technical expertise. Moreover, most of the ecommerce web design companies are providing such services at an exceptionally high cost. To facilitate commerce in the internet world, we pay maximum attention to the web page design and integrate the most efficient tools. We are a committed web design and development company. We always concentrate on delivering that client anticipates. You can obtain unlimited solutions for ecommerce web design only with us. We design and develop responsive Ecommerce websites that drive sales from all devices- be it a tablet, desktop, or a phone. Our excellent team of web developers constructs an Ecommerce store that is performance-oriented. We help you choose the most appropriate platform for your business that pushes you towards success. We create unbelievably fast websites that offer a smooth and quick navigating experience to the users. Our Ecommerce solutions provide the best in standard features and functionality while remaining agile and completely customizable. Our team will discuss any custom functionality that needs to tailor a solution that matches your brand and Ecommerce goals.

Ecommerce Solution Feature Services

When developing an Ecommerce website, Squareboat provides many Ecommerce features to consider for your site.

  • Easy analyzing and management
  • Global reach
  • High level of customer satisfaction
  • High profit margin
  • Information density
  • Information richness
  • Interactivity
  • Optimal solutions
  • Personalization/Customization
  • Proper inventory management
  • Reduced extra expenditure
  • Universal standards
Our Ecommerce Solutions

We offer the following customizable options to maximize the efficiency of your Ecommerce website:

  • Custom functionality
  • Add and manage products easily
  • Security management
  • Custom Ecommerce website development
  • Custom Design
  • Ecommerce Shopping Cart development
  • Payment Gateway Solutions
  • Full security, encryption, and more.

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Why Choose Squareboat for Ecommerce development services?


We have been working on hundreds of Ecommerce projects and understand what it takes to generate sales. With the utilization of responsive web design, our Ecommerce websites are optimized for mobile, desktop, and tablets. We work with a team that has in-depth knowledge of technology, processes, and business. Your project needs a team of professionals for each step along the way: development, design, internet marketing, project management, and business analysis. Right from the start, we assign a team of master designers, coders, and marketing consultants to each project so as to attain perfection, which allows us to deliver unparalleled service quality.


Squareboat does the requirements analysis, plans, builds, launches, and grows your Ecommerce site, but from the early vision to the final approval, your thoughts, suggestions, and ideas are the top priority. Together, we will choose a design, additional features, and even a Shopping Cart to build a robust Ecommerce website necessary to make online sales. This is a partnership that is based on mutual respect and trust. Your feedback and input are valuable to us since we prioritize client satisfaction. Your Ecommerce site is just that: yours. We indulge our clients at each phase of the website development process to make potential improvements in the final design. Be it in the selection of a payment gateway or the website’s layout; we take suggestions from them.


We adopt the latest security procedures to make a website protected against an escalation of malware. That is why we use the industry’s best practices like SSL certificates, regular updates, etc.


We build sites that are SEO optimized, load effortlessly when surfed, and reach a broader audience base. Our SEO professionals work dedicatedly to enhance your Ecommerce website’s presence.


New functionality can be added swiftly and seamlessly without reinventing the wheel. How does that benefit you? Lower costs and faster turnaround times since it takes us less time to implement sophisticated features.

Scalable Solutions

As online shoppers increase, so will the need for your website to cope up with the expectations. Future expansion is what we expect and plan for. Our scalable web development solutions make sure that there are no hurdles in your users’ experiences even when the number of visitors keeps on increasing.

We at Squareboat have delivered a number of Ecommerce websites all around the world. Our team consists of highly skilled software engineers and immensely talented web designers. We believe in the idea of forming strategic alliances that help the company to expand further. We provide excellent quality solutions which are always delivered on time. In India, Squareboat has emerged as a top-of-the-line solution for any kind of web design and development requirements.

Our 3 step Development Lifecycle


  • Analysis: Every business is exclusive, and our approach towards every project is different. We take time to evaluate the specific requirements of the clients.
  • Research & Planning: Our skillful UI/UX designers affiliate thorough research ways, like examining the concept, competitive analysis, etc to acquire a deeper understanding of the products.
  • Blueprint: We prepare a prototype, which provides a visual illustration of the element’s arrangement on the web page.
  • Design Formation: We start turning the sketches into reality and proceed towards building a fully-functional website.
  • User Testing: Our team of designers performs user testing before passing the design towards development to evaluate the users’ responses for the product.


  • Front-End Development: Our web designers methodically craft the design with attractive and catchy elements. Also, the client-side developers transform those designs into effective user-interface by employing modern technologies like React Native, Angular JS, Node JS, etc. One thing is guaranteed that you can get a state-of-the-art ecommerce development that has an engaging and attractive UI/UX.
  • Ecommerce Development: Being explained of the custom eCommerce development, we have developed giant websites from simple to resolute scale with utmost precision and genuineness. We have hands-on working renowned with popular ecommerce platforms, including Magento, OpenCart, Shopify, BigCommerce, PrestaShop, etc. You can ask us to build an online store on any of the platforms.
  • Testing & Deploying: To make sure that the website has superior performance, we carry out rigorous testing based on functionality, usability, security, and compatibility. Once it clears these phases, the website gets set for the deployment.


  • Maintenance & Support Service: Our adequate support and maintenance service ensures that your website is up to date. Within this, we modify, troubleshoot, and inspect the website’s performance.
  • Growth Hacking: Growth hacking is essential for business prosperity. We offer a collection of growth hacking services that are focused on increasing the website’s popularity.


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